Friday, June 13, 2014

The best Father's Day present ever: the accomplishment of a lifetime

Tomorrow morning, a new  community English center will open in the small town of Nueva Guinea, Nicaragua.

The moment it opens, it will be the largest foreign-language library in the entire country. It will change the culture of the entire town. It may help enable hundreds of lower and middle class Nicaraguan children and students in the region learn a new language, one that will increase their chances of rising out of the Third World and starting a better life.

Countless of volunteers worked on the building; washing and painting walls; scrubbing and waxing floors; building desks and book cases. Nearly $7,000 in various projects was raised to get the building refurbished. Hundreds of people in the United States donated a wide range of books to this project, from children's picture books to hardback, cloth-bound literary classics.

No one worked harder than my daughter, Isabel. It was her vision for the library that started the ball rolling. It was her personal project for the Peace Corps. It was her never-ending cajoling of needed supplies and donations that made this community center a reality. It was her baby from day one. Tomorrow morning, the baby is birthed and Nueva Guinea has a proud new library.

That this should come on the day before Father's Day is one of the nicest things that has ever happened to me. Sheer coincidence, for sure. I don't care much.

I am one very proud dad.

Isabel, you are one amazing person!!


  1. That looks like a fantastic place to hang. Congratulations Isobel.

  2. Looks like a great children's library! What else might they need?
    Susan Mowery
    Just retired YA librarian