Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Welcome to the Rational Fringe

Before we begin....a little about me. I believe life should be lived fully, but that moderation in all things is a wonderful concept that deserves more than lip-service.

I teach journalism and English Composition courses at West Chester University. I enjoy what I do and I think I do it pretty well.

I am not wealthy, but I am pay my bills on time. I try to stay out of debt and I wish the federal government would learn to do that too. I am a fiscal conservative but liberal on social issues. I pray and work for global peace, I think disarming weapons of mass destruction would be a good idea and I wonder why the United States' defense budget is about four times larger than the amount of money that both China and Russia spend on defense.

I embrace people of all races, creeds and colors and I prefer to see and celebrate the similarities in different religions than judge folks who don't believe what I believe. Faith is a wondrous and mysterious thing. Christmas is my favorite holiday, but Halloween is a close second. If you read this blog from time to time, you may find me weighing in on one of my favorite topics: questioning whether the Revelation of St. John should be included in the Bible.

I grew up the oldest in a family of 11 kids. I was raised, as you might expect, a Roman Catholic. I am willing to admit that might explain a lot about me.

I like to write and take pride in my helping my students learn to communicate effectively on paper. I am not rich, but I consider myself blessed with good friends and good health for my children and myself.

I do not drink every day, but when I do partake, I tend to enjoy Victory or Dogfish Head ales; dark and complex red wines and single malt scotch. I know when to say when. It's been a very long time since I had to embrace the porcelain throne for a reality check. I know my limits and take care not to exceed them.

I believe in following rules and obeying laws. But I also think questioning authority and holding people in power accountable for their actions is an important part of being a good reporter. I try to teach that to my students. I thank God I was born in this country and I consider myself to be a patriotic American....especially when I exercising my right to dissent.

I am not chatty and overly talkative but I can keep a conversation going about a few things, including: national politics, Philly sports, popular music, indepentent and foreign films; newspapers and magazines; media ethics (or the lack thereof); the dynamics of large families; issues of social justice; and the distribution of food and wealth in advanced democratic societies.

I am not a Jesus freak. But I do believe "turn the other cheek" and "love your enemy" may be the most divinely inspired phrases any human has ever uttered and I believe they say something about his character that suggests a divine nature.

I prefer shopping at thrift stores and garage sales.

I am not judgmental. I hope you will be kind enough not to judge me either. Thanks for reading this first entry to my blog. I look forward to engaging you in a long, ongoing conversation. I hope I can hold your interest, no matter what I have to say.

If we happen to disagree with one another, I will make an honest effort to disagree respectfully. I hope you can do that too.


  1. Good luck with your community journalism effort.

  2. Welcome to the blogging word.